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FAQ’s with EMPOWERED Bootcamps

Q1) What is a Fitness Bootcamps?


Fitness Bootcamps is an efficient way to reach your fitness goals in a group atmosphere with at half the cost of regular personal training.



Q2) What is EMPOWERED Bootcamps?


EMPOWERED Bootcamps is latest group training that’s provides you efficient and innovative fitness training methods, such as Battle rope, TRX, and much more. Plus, it’s half the cost of most competing bootcamps. We also believe your fitness goals are easier to obtain when you’re being educated throughout your workouts.



Q3) How can I benefit from EMPOWERED Bootcamps?


1. Helps You Push Yourself Harder (This helps you build stronger muscles faster, develop better endurance, and accelerate your fitness goals.)
2. Quick Results (We use many different physical activities such as Band training, Ball exercises, Dumbbells, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Kickboxing routines, and Resistance Training. This combination of exercises will boost results much quicker than typical exercises and workout classes.)
3. Cheaper than a Personal Trainer (Get all the benefits of a personal trainer, with less than half the cost.)
4. Support Group (Much like any program or association, when people are all going through the same thing together a common bond is formed. Bootcamp is no different. You will form friendships within your group.)
5. It is Fun (The camaraderie, the intensity, and the different exercises all make our boot camp a lot more fun than typical programs.)


Q4) What do you need to bring to EMPOWERED Bootcamp?


You’ll need to bring: a towel, a water bottle, YOGA mat, and a POSITIVE attitude.



Q5) What is the duration of EMPOWERED Bootcamp?


A 60-minutes class, which includes your Warm-up, High Intensity Bootcamp, and Cool-down with stretching.



Q6) Do you offer fitness assessments?


Yes, we conduct state of the art fitness assessments for no additional cost. This will give the “foundation” you will need to get to the results you been wanting.



Q7) What type of payments are accepted?


We accept check, cash, and all major credit cards.