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5 FREE Classes in 30 Days - NEW Clients Only! Sessions must be used in 30 days! No fees or additional membership sign ups required.

More than a workout.

This is not just movement, this is life. Formerly Empowered Fitness and Bootcamps, POWER is designed around one simple goal—to create the BEST workout to help our fitness community reach their goals! Our classes includes 45 minutes of intense interval cardio and strength training, using free weights and traditional military exercises (functional movements). Burning fat, tightening up the body, and building muscle is never going to be easy, but it’s never been more effective and efficient than this class.

You’re here for the challenge, for the results, and for the camaraderie. Your chance of success and quality of life skyrockets when you’re committed, and when you have yourself, trainers and other campers cheering you, we know you’re destined to meet your goals.

LIVE For a purpose, for yourself, for someone you love, for someone who can’t, for fitness, adventure

MOVE Beyond the usual workouts, mobility, functional movement

REFUEL Recovery, nutrition, massage, support your body and quests, get back to living.

I have nothing but good things to say about Empowered Bootcamps. I have been attending classes for nearly 10 months, and I am yet to be bored by a work out. If you are looking for variation in your workout, trainers who focus on your form, and a motivating environment -- this is the perfect place.

Kelli P.

Best bootcamp in the city, classes are always challenging and effective but also interesting and FUN. The community is wonderful and Royal does an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome! 5 Stars!

Samantha W.

I always feel like I have had an excellent workout that has met my expectations and needs, while being pushed to meet new comfort levels. Royal rocks!

Teresa C.

Empowered is the best! Royal is a great trainer. The classes are always different so they never get boring, but they're also always very challenging. I've been going to Empowered for about 7 months and love it!

Katie A.

The best experience that I have ever had working out. No matter the class or trainer, you feel like you are the reason for them being there. Royal will push you and teach you beyond what you thought possible.

Holly F.

The time is now. Take some action.

5 FREE Classes in 30 Days - NEW Clients Only!

This is 5 “FREE” POWER MKE classes for NEW clients only

Sessions that must be used in 30 days! No fees or additional membership sign ups required.

The time is now. Take some action.