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Meet Royal

As a fitness junkie and an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Royal C Ramseur has a great passion for helping people achieve there fitness goals. He truly believes that HEALTH and FITNESS can make a happier lifestyle. Royal is currently training all age group, from high school athletes to the elderly, and every session he shows them how to feel, look and perform their best while achieving emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Royal holds an extensive background / knowledge in health & nutrition in collaboration with meal planning and weight loss techniques. He provides services such as weight loss, muscular endurance, athletic performance and much more.

The passion that Royal has for training, gives him the drive to get RESULTS and dedication from every client that he impacts.

Our Classes


High-intensity strength, core and cardio circuits designed to boost your METAbolism. During each exercise class you may use dumbbells, TRX, do partner drills and other equipment conditioning workouts! You will spend 30 intense minutes of resistance and cardio to boost your metabolism then 15 minutes of intense core focused exercises.

Workout Breakdown: 33% core / 33% cardio / 33% strength


The goal of this exercise class is simple: get a full body workout burning as many calories as possible during this high-energy and sweat-drenched class. Start each class experience a unique blend of heart-pounding calisthenics, plyometrics and muscle toning exercises. Let’s not forget the cardio finishers that will turn your fat burners on high and scorch the calories away! This class will boost your metabolism for hours afterward.

Workout Breakdown: 70% strength / 30% cardio

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